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WTTC launches report with trends for sector recovery

The WTTC has released a report that reveals trends for the recovery of tourism activity. The document emphasizes the importance of adopting a coordinated global approach to recovery, improving the travel experience, adopting new technologies and the application of hygiene protocols. All of these measures have a single objective: to rescue the confidence of travelers.

In addition, the WTTC calls on the public and private sectors to work together to recover the millions of jobs lost due to the pandemic. The report also highlighted what it calls four trends for the sector's recovery: evolution of demand, health and hygiene, innovation and digitization and sustainability.

According to the document, 70% of travelers from North America (Mexico, the United States and Canada) are willing to make reservations during the pandemic if the cancellation policy is free. In addition, 92% said they trust health and hygiene recommendations; while 69% of travelers cite cleanliness as an essential component of a travel company.

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In the current pandemic scenario, the less contact surface, the better. And at this point comes the importance of digitization. According to the WTTC survey, 45% of travelers say they are ready to switch from paper to digital passports. In addition, 73% of consumers guarantee to prefer brands that emphasize sustainability issues.

“Although there is still work to be done, it gives us an idea of ​​how we can better face the recovery and offers hope to the sector. It is essential that we continue to learn from previous crises and come together in a coordinated way to make a difference in reducing the economic and human impact ”, said WTTC President and CEO, Gloria Guevara.

Check out the main recommendations of the WTTC:

Border opening
Remove travel restrictions, as well as implement standardized tests and tracking requirements on departure

Set common health and safety standards
The public and private sectors must agree to the implementation of health and safety standards

Worker support
Provide payroll protection and wage subsidies, as well as consumer stimulation and tax deferrals

Travel incentive
For the consumer to decide to travel, starting locally, followed by national, regional and international.